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  • VI BOOK-CLUB – “Managing Impressions”, Monday 30th May 2016

VI BOOK-CLUB – “Managing Impressions”, Monday 30th May 2016

The Book-Club will discuss the paper “Managing Impressons: “Face-Saving” Strategies of Vegetarians and Vegans” and also provide the new book (Empty Cages by Tom Regan) for the following session.

The book club takes place on the 30th May, at 6.30pm […]


  • Online Shoes Avesu joins the VI Supporter Card

Online Shoes Avesu joins the VI Supporter Card

Berlin based online shoe-shop avesu VEGAN SHOES have joined the Supporter Card and are now offering a 5% discount on all orders from their online shop to Vegan Ireland Supporter Card holders.
The Supporter Card allows supporters to get a […]

  • Vegan Ireland Info Packs

Vegan Ireland Info Packs

Due to the increase in the number of people interested in veganism, we have over the last year distributed a huge amount of info packs and have (happily) run of out booklets. As they cost a lot of money […]

  • Vegan Ireland’s Newest T-Shirts

Vegan Ireland’s Newest T-Shirts

Check out our newest Vegan Ireland T-Shirt. We will only print 50 T-shirts, so make sure you pre-order yours! Our organic, fair-wear and carbon trust certified T-shirt is available for men’s and women’s, in different sizes. Find out below all […]

  • St. Patrick’s 10% Discount from ethical WARES.

St. Patrick’s 10% Discount from ethical WARES.

Celebrate St. Patricks Day in style with ethical WARES and Vegan Ireland. Help the festivities along by using this 10% off discount voucher with love from leading Vegan company ethical WARES. Check out their full range on their website.

Ethical […]


14 06, 2015

The River Phoenix

  • June 14th, 2015

The River Phoenix, by Mark Stewart.

She hobbled along the pavement, her limping gait unnoticed by those she shared the sidewalk with. She was ashamed of the leprous tumour on […]

15 07, 2014

An interview with Bath & Crafts

  • July 15th, 2014

Bath & Crafts Irish Handmade Soap is an Irish shop located in Kenmare, County Kerry. They make bath and beauty products from natural ingredients. All their products are suitable […]

28 06, 2014

April Bergin, Cork

  • June 28th, 2014

How and why did you go vegan?

I have been eating a vegan diet for 48 days now, but I have been a vegetarian for 15 years. I became […]