Wow, what a few days we had screening the multi award winning The Ghosts in Our Machine! Thanks to everyone who came out to both Kilkenny and Dublin and made it such a memorable experience.

The UK and Irish tour has generated a number of reviews in mainstream media including the BBC, Irish Examiner, the Telegraph and The Guardian.

A big thank you to Vegetarian Kilkenny and Liselott Olofsson for making the Kilkenny event happen and for her hospitality. And also to Declan Bowens for driving the team up and down the country. Declan was also on the Q&A panel in Dublin where he spoke about Back Into Daylight, the sanctuary he runs.

For anyone who missed the Irish end of the UK and Ireland tour, it kicked off last Friday in Kilkenny City in the impressive Cartoon Saloon, which has been nominated for an Academy Award. The full room was the first to view the documentary in Ireland. This was followed by a panel with director and producer Liz Marshall answering questions in a Q&A session. Afterwards everyone was invited out for a meal in a local restaurant for a lively conversation.

The next day the documentary screened in Dublin in the beautiful and historical setting of the Ireland Institute to a packed venue. Liz Marshall, Declan Bowens, and a representative from Vegan Ireland formed a Q&A panel. At both events the scope of questions were thought provoking and impressive. Again afterwards, everyone was invited out for drinks in a local pub to continue the discussion.

At both screenings everyone received a Goodie Bag of treats and sampled a range of delicious foods. Again a big thank you to all the companies who supported this event: Plant Based Foods/PlantGoodness24, Vegusto, Meridian Foods, Koko Dairy Free/Kelkin, Freedom Marshmallows, and Art of Zen Foods who are the distributer of Violife Cheese. In Dublin, we had specially made treats from local businesses Cornucopia Wholefood Restaurant and Marvelous Veggie. Cornucopia’s brand new 100% plant cheeses, Brie and Bleu, were devoured instantly and have already had some great reviews, so look out for both in their menu. Marvelous Veggie provided the tastiest of tasty gift wrapped cakes. You can see pictures of the treats from the event on facebook.

Finally we’d like to thank Liz Marshall for both creating the documentary and attending the events and Jo-Anne McArthur whose stunning and revealing pictures were the inspiration for the movie.

These screenings happened because a lot of people worked to make them happen. From a phone call with Mick O’Halloran who runs regular vegan information tables in Limerick and Galway to the vital volunteers who helped out on the night. We’d like to thank everyone for their help and input.
If you have an idea about future events, if you would like to screen The Ghosts In Our Machine in your area, or if you want to volunteer with Vegan Ireland please send an email to