10 09, 2016

Dublin Vegfest Interview

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Vegan Ireland speaks with Dublin Vegfest organisers.

What is Dublin Vegfest?

Dublin Vegfest is the Irish capital’s vegan festival. It’s a fun celebration and promotion of all things vegan. We have lots of stands with wonderful vegan foods from raw desserts to burgers, baked goods, dairy free plant milks, super foods, chocolate and everything in between. We have producers of cruelty free ethical natural personal care products. There are talks by inspirational speakers, experts in diet and nutrition, live music and spoken word performance. As well as local non profit groups all ready to talk with attendees about their work and […]

14 06, 2015

An interview with Cruelty Free Cosmetics’ founder, Josephine Maher

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Vegan Ireland speaks with Cruelty-Free Cosmetics’s co-founder,Josephine Maher. Cruelty Free Cosmetics is an Ireland based online shop selling vegan cosmetics.

Please tell us about Cruelty Free Cosmetics. When did it begin and what motivated you to start this business?

Cruelty Free Cosmetics was launched in 2014, the reason being that I personally found it near impossible to purchase cosmetics that I knew were 100% not tested on animals. There was one company whose products I used to use but I had since heard that they sell their products to China, so because of Chinese laws they eventually would be tested […]

21 04, 2015

An interview with Moodley Manor’s co-founder, Aisling Mooney.

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Vegan Ireland speaks with Moodley Manor’s co-founder, Aisling Mooney. Moodley Manor is a vegan company from Dublin.

Please tell us about Moodley Manor. When did it begin and what motivated you to start this business?

Moodley first started as a concept between myself and Gavyn. Moodley is an amalgam of our names (I’m Mooney and he’s Pedley). We knew soon after we met that we’d work together one day. Actually, after our first conversations, after discovering I was vegan he asked me if I missed bacon and of course, that’s the one thing I hadn’t found a decent replica for. He […]

15 07, 2014

An interview with Bath & Crafts

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Bath Crafts interview

Bath & Crafts Irish Handmade Soap is an Irish shop located in Kenmare, County Kerry. They make bath and beauty products from natural ingredients. All their products are suitable for vegans.

Please tell us about Bath & Crafts Irish Handmade Soap. When did it begin?

I have been making soap for years as my son had eczema as a baby and I did not want to use prescribed lotions because of the chemical content.  It was  basically a hobby. We then decided in 2011 to license our products so we were able to sell on […]

2 04, 2014

An interview with Donald Watson, Vegan Society founder, 2002.

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Donald Watson formed the word “vegan” from the beginning and the end of the word “vegetarian” and he founded The Vegan Society in November 1944.

  • Born: 02/09/1910
  • Where: South Yorkshire, UK
  • Died: 16/11/2005
  • Where:Cumbria, UK
  • Invented the word ‘Vegan’ with his wife Dorothy (Dot)
  • Founded Vegan Society in 1944
  • Occupation: Woodwork Teacher

Interview with Donald Watson founder and patron of The Vegan Society taken from a 3 hour taped interview by Vegan Society Trustee and Author of The Vegan Passport George D. Rodger on 15 December 2002. First published in The Vegan Summer 2003 Edition and made available through VeganMeans.com

George D. Rodger’s Note:
When Donald Watson uses the […]