14 06, 2015

The River Phoenix

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The River Phoenix, by Mark Stewart.

She hobbled along the pavement, her limping gait unnoticed by those she shared the sidewalk with. She was ashamed of the leprous tumour on her foot, of the disfigurement which set her apart from everyone else.
Instinctively she knew the deformity, swollen and gnarled, would never heal; the cancer had penetrated too far, like an invasive root; and besides medical treatment simply wasn’t available.

Even in the crowded city she lived the life of an outsider, shunned by the busy multitude. There were no shelters she might have gone to for a night’s rest, nowhere that might have provided a break from the ever present dangers that the streets obliged her to contend with. She scavenged for food wherever she could find it. In the summer she searched for shade, in the winter for warmth; both were equally scarce.

She was used to being kicked, swatted away and spat at. She had seen others of her kind, too many to number, die beneath all manner of wheels, or simply collapse from hunger never to get up again. She had suffered the worst fate that can befall any parent and […]

13 03, 2014

Speciesism and the Use of Animal Imagery in Advertising

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By Rod Chichinoud

The idea of using an image of an animal for advertising a product is in itself harmless, but the context of how the image is used with regards to the product it is trying to sell can be contradictory and speciesist.

Show your bills who's boss

For example, an image of a neon sign in the shape of a chicken or a pig is in itself ok, but put these images outside a restaurant or shop selling the animals’ dead flesh, and these images take on a horrific meaning.
And how about those images we come across which suggest that animals are well looked after and enjoying their freedom? The picture of a chicken happily taking a ride on a smiling farmer’s tractor, an image which in itself seems inoffensive, until we make the connection that this picture is the advertising on the packaging of a dead chicken. Or the sign which hangs in a butcher’s shop showing a lady hugging an animal in her arms.

These are all images which brainwash the public to disconnect from the idea that animals are living feeling beings. Another example of speciesist imagery was found on […]

13 03, 2014

“Home” Documentary Review

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By Rod Chichinoud

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” Albert Einstein.


“Home” consists almost entirely of Aerial shots which are underlined by a strong narration. The director Yann Arthus-Bertrand begins his documentary with images of the beauty of our planet as it should be, and then slowly develops the film’s narrative to show how we are destroying it.

My personal thoughts on the film were that I did not feel it had a vegan message, but it definitely had a strong conservationist, ecological, sustainability and Human Rights message.

Yes, veganism is about compassion, empathy and respect for all life on this planet, and rejects all forms of violence and discrimination. But first & foremost I believe that when you take the environmental reasons for going vegan out of the equation, the health & nutrition reasons out of the equation, the conservation reasons out of the equation, the world poverty reasons out of the equation, the sustainability reasons out of the equation, what’s left is veganism, all the above are included by default.
Veganism is primarily about the animals themselves, and I […]

13 03, 2014

Staying Fit

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by Mikey


So winter is here and you wanna get motivated to get into fitness and working out. I mean it is quite hard to get motivated when you go to work when it’s dark and you come home when it’s dark, all you want to do is put your feet up after you work hard all day. Your heart needs to work too and what better way than on a vegan diet and a good 40 min workout. Now I hear you saying 40 mins that’s crazy but we spend up to 3 hours in the afternoon watching tv so all you need to do is to dedicate your time to some exercice (of course it’s a bit harder for people with kids but just get them involved too, gets them away from the t.v haha).

All you need to do is a brisk 20 min jog or if you want to work your way up to jogging start off doing a short distance then as you find yourself getting more fit and seeing results you just go for longer distances. It can help if you are starting off to go with […]

13 03, 2014

Hens are Friends – On Rescuing Battery Hens

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By Heather


Growing up on a farm among the rolling hills of Tyrone, I acquired an affection for friends of the feathered variety, when my brother and I were charged with the care-taking of a flock of red hens. Headed nervously by Chuck, the fast-footed bantam rooster, they roamed freely in their grassy enclosure and beyond, and were easily won over through the medium of food. The usual suspects making frequent trips to the kitchen door and peering in expectantly. Photographs from childhood featured the latest hen friends balancing on handle bars, or placed in a tree for the purposes of photography. Authentically free range, unlike the term defined by the industry, and unlike other farmed animals, most of them lived out their lives.

With growing media attention in recent years on the welfare of commercial laying hens, we decided to rescue some hens from a nearby battery farm. We were given a date on which to collect our two dozen hens and told owing to their condition, there would be no charge. Uncertain about what to expect yet reluctant to believe extreme cruelty could exist on a local farm so charmingly named, […]