There are many spreads suitable for vegans out there. What are your favourite ones? Healthy spreads are the wisest option, but sometimes it is nice to forget about health and eat something a bit more “naughty”, just for the taste of it!

The good news is that most vegan spreads are free of hydrogenated fats, the type of fats you do not want to get close to!

Here are our favourite spreads:

  • Organic peanut butter, from Meridian, smooth or crunchy. Available at most health food stores, it contains only peanuts! A Jar costs between 3 and 4 eur. It is more or less the same price as the non-organic brands you can find in supermarkets and which are loaded with sugar and oil!
  • Plamil chocolate spread, available at most health food stores. When was the last time you had a slice of bread topped with chocolate spread? Now is the time!
  • Biona margarine, available at most health food stores. We like it because the palm fat comes from sustainable projects in Columbia.
  • Sunita tahini to increase your calcium intake! Available at most health food stores. For a cheaper version, check out Asian supermarkets.
  • Plamil Mayonnaise, available at most health food stores, amazingly tasty!
  • Meridian fruit spread, free from sugar. Available at most health food stores and some supermarkets. For a cheaper version, most supermarkets sell jam suitable for vegans.
  • Organic hummus, from Tesco, is a winner too, it only costs around 2eur, but you can go for the non-organic one which is even cheaper.

These are some of the most popular spreads, but you can also make your own. Ever tried guacamole? pestochickpea-tofu? The possibilities are endless!