This is a once off Book Club which will look at the animal use industries response to animal rights activism. We will give an introductory look at the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and the recent wave of Ag-Gag Laws/Bills in countries such as USA and Australia.

This Book Club will complement the next book we will cover, Terrorist Or Freedom Fighters?: Reflections On The Liberation Of Animals. Copies of this book will be available at this book club. We will then start this book in the following Book-Club meeting.

Reading material for this Book-Club:

THE ANIMAL ENTERPRISE TERRORISM ACT (AETA) is a United States law which was enacted in 2006. The law was pushed by through by wealthy biomedical & agri-business industry groups such as the Animal Enterprise Protection Coalition (AEPC), the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF).
The AETA “specifically target animal advocates whose work attempts to stop a person or company from profiting from the use of nonhuman animals (which includes nearly all types of non-reformist activism, from protests to liberatory actions).
In effect, AETA labels activists as terrorists, a chilling reality that every activist of every cause should care about because this is a civil liberties and rights issue (read more on this:”

AG-GAG LAWS is a term used for a variety of anti-whistleblower legislation. So far they have featured in states in the USA and proposed in Australia. Again these laws are pushed by animal use industries. The laws vary but all aim to prevent activists, journalists, or other whistle-blowers from documenting, recording, or publishing of what happens to animals in places such as farms or slaughterhouses ( A State by State list of laws proposed or passed is available here.

Watch Will Potters’ talk from the end of last year covering both of these topics here. Titled Criminalizing Activism: From the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act to Ag-Gag; youtube.

Where: Cornucopia (upstairs), 19/20/Wicklow St, Dublin 2.
Time: 6.30-8.30pm.
When: Monday 20th October 2014.
Price: Free.

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