We have compiled a list of burgers suitable for vegans in Ireland. The cheapest option is the pack of burgers sold at Aldi, which costs less than 2eur. The other brands cost between 3eur and 4eur.
Please contact us if you know any brand not listed in this article.

Products may change from time to time and we therefore advise that you check the ingredient list on the product at the time of purchase.

Dee’s burgers:
Dee’s Organic Omega burger and Dee’s Organic Spicy bean burger.
Gluten-free, soy-free, wheat-free, GMO-free.
Available at most supermarkets.
Website: dees.ie

Fry’s Vegetarian burgers:
Traditional burgers, spiced burgers, chicken style burgers,.
GMO-free. Contains soya and gluten.
Available at most health food stores (in the frozen section) and PlantGoodness24
Website: www.frysvegetarian.co.uk

VBites (redwood):
Beef style burgers, Vegi-deli Meat-Free Southern Fried Chicken Burger.
Contains soya and gluten.
Available at most health food stores.
Website: www.vbitesfoods.com

Tomato & Basil, Mexican spice, Walnut and almonds, Oak smoked, eastern spice, Mushroom and garlic, Country vegetable.
Website: dragonflyfoods.com

Spicy bean quarterpounder, nut cutlets, spinach and lentil grill.
Available at most health food stores.
Website: www.goodlife.co.uk

Tomato burgers.
Contains gluten.
Available online at PlantGoodness24.
Website: vegusto.co.uk/

Mae’s kitchen: Spicy Bean Quarterpounders, Vegetable Quarterpounders, nut cutlets.

Amy’s kitchen:
All American veggie burger, Manhattan veggie burger.
Available at some health food stores.
Website: amyskitchen.co.uk

Amisa Veggie burger mix:
Vegan burger mix seasoned with aromatic herbs and tomatoes (add water, shape and fry).
Available at most health food stores and PlantGoodness24.
Gluten-free, organic.
Website: /www.amisa.co.uk

Note: Quorn products, Linda Mc Cartney burgers and Tesco Meat-free burgers are not suitable for vegans.

If your local health food store does not have one of these products, you can ask them to stock them for you.

You can also make your own burgers, they are very easy to make and a great way to add more beans into your diet. You can prepare many of them and freeze them.