Do you remember the date you went vegan? We celebrate the day we are born, but also important is the date we decided to no longer take part in the exploitation of other animals. Now it is possible to be reminded of this date! If you register to this app “veganniversary”, you will know when your vegan birthday is up and you can celebrate it!

Many thanks to Sebastien Molines who took the time to explain how it works.

**What it does**

Sebastien Molines: The app requires you to register by logging-in at with your Facebook account (it’s safe, Facebook makes sure that the app does not see your password and only gets to see your public profile). You will then get notified when any of your friends’ veganniversary comes up, assuming you have vegan Facebook friends who also registered. EVOLVE! Campaigns have designed a dozen cool veganniversary images that you can post on your friend’s wall to mark the occasion.

If you enter the date when you went vegan, which you can mark as an approximate date, then you and your Facebook friends (assuming that they have also registered) will get notified when the day comes. And you will get a pre-notification one week in advance to help you remember to plan something special, or to change your details if you want to adjust the date or if you are no longer vegan.

The app celebrates yearly veganniversaries but also 1-month, 3-month and 6-month veganniversaries for people who recently went vegan.

Although it’s a Facebook app, it’s essentially a slow web app. You only need to visit once and enter your details. It doesn’t ask for privileged access to your Facebook information. And unlike Facebook it doesn’t strive to keep you coming back in order to sell your attention to advertisers–it just invites you back on the day of a veganniversary so that you can take positive social action, i.e. congratulate a friend.

**The story behind the app**

Sebastien Molines: It all started a couple of years ago when I wrote on my Facebook page that I had been vegan for five years. A friend living in Portland–evidently years ahead of us in vegan culture–wrote a comment wishing me a happy veganniversary, and it struck me that this was both a fun new word and a wonderful occasion to celebrate.

The day one chose to go vegan really is a pivotal moment. It’s not something done lightly. I know that I had chosen the date in advance and that I had been preparing for it. It is worth marking this occasion, particularly as the positive impact of our veganism adds up with each passing day, week, month, and year. My friend Gloria commented that people don’t generally enjoy seeing the years accumulate at each birthday, but vegans get the opposite effect when it comes to their veganniversaries. And rightly so, when you think of the mind-boggling amount of exploitation, suffering and destruction that we would have been responsible for had we not chosen to live these years as vegans.

I believe that vegans do a lot of things that indirectly influence people around them and may lead them to make their own transition to veganism. Our actions carry more weight than our words, and by merely living our own lives as ethical vegans we demonstrate the power of veganism and show others around us that it can be done with relative ease. We influence people everywhere we go, even without trying to explain. Non-vegans who see us celebrate our veganniversaries will take notice. I like to think that celebrating veganniversaries on Facebook, even by simply posting one of the great images created by EVOLVE! Campaigns, has the potential to influence friends and to help them on their own path to veganism.

That is why I developed and am continuing to maintain this app. Please join in and register at