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Co. Dublin, Ireland
6 January 2012

Vegan Ireland asks Matt Cooper and Joe Duffy to go vegan.

Recently both popular presenters made surprising statements about veganism on their radio shows (Joe Duffy Show on and Matt Cooper on the Last Word show on

For example, during discussions last Tuesday (3/1/12) about the recent Rachel Allen shooting pheasants issue, Matt stated that if he were a vegan he would be starving, while Joe asked a vegan if he ate carrots and whether he would be happy then if pheasants were captured and killed humanely. Discovering that vegans did not have milk from cows in their tea, Joe said, “Ah, mother of God, how do you survive?”

Vegan Ireland calls on its members, supporters and the general public to contact Matt and Joe requesting that they respond to the two-week vegan challenge.

Press Officer for Vegan Ireland Dr. Roger Yates said, “We would like to help open both Joe and Matt’s eyes to the exciting world of Veganism. With this in mind, we ask them to live vegan for two weeks, following the detailed meal plans here:
“Vegan Ireland do outreach events every week, and veganism seems no longer to be a mystery to many of the public, so obviously we are anxious to bring Matt and Joe up to speed on this issue.”

Contact Joe Duffy at and Matt Cooper at See sample email or text below.

Dear [insert Matt or Joe],
What’s this I hear about you being mystified about veganism? Ah, Mother of God, not knowing about vegans in the 21st century! I see that Vegan Ireland [ ] have asked you to live vegan for two weeks. Being vegan would be good for you, good for the environment, but most of all good for the animals. Wonderful vegan food is only a mouse click away:
Yours Faithfully,
Your name.