Eco Vegan Shoes are a new vegan shoe retailer. You will find their full range online at All their shoes are registered with the English Vegan Society.

Some of the features Eco Vegan Shoes advertise are microfibre with “shoe climate control c_change technology. The fabric acts like a pine cone, it opens up when your foot is warm and closes up in the cold.”
They also use a “UV protection with cold black technology that stops your feet from heating up in the sun.” The shoes are breathable.

Eco Vegan Shoes go on to say “Where possible we use high tech environmentally friendly materials to produce possibly the most comfortable, light weight shoes you will ever wear. For example we use eco-Ortholite comfort insoles and padding made with bio-oil, Oeco-Tex Standard 100* fabrics from schoeller AG* who comply with the blue sign* standard and boxes made with 99% recycled cardboard.”

“All our shoes are very long lasting, reducing your consumption. The soles are made with a very tough, lightweight and high grip material called RPU, it is so tough you cannot mark it with a sharp knife. Most of our shoes comply to the high European occupational footwear standard ISO 20347:2007 O1-FOSRC (this requires high manufacture standards, quality materials and high grip).”

“All our shoes promote health and well-being. This is because we design the shoe with lightweight materials that provide high comfort and support the foot. For example we use Ortholite comfort insoles and padding and Energy Gel® that provides shock absorption as your foot touches the ground and a lift in your step from resilient energy as you raise it up. In combination with the Ortholite® comfort insoles, Energy Gel reduces muscle and joint pain caused by standing and walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time.”

Eco Vegan Shoes are a UK based company but of particular interest They promote a worldwide free post returns policy.

For every pair of shoes sold they also give a euro to a cause.

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