Calling all EU citizens, please sign this European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). Vivisection used 264,964 animals in Ireland in 2011 and 12,001,022 animals the EU in 2008 (These are the last available figures available to Vegan Ireland).

Sign the European Citizens’ Initiative:

This is a single issue campaign which doesn’t promote veganism or challenge speciesism anywhere. So why sign?

For at least three reasons:

  • We think this ECI has a high potential to stop some forms of animal use in a short space of time without being replaced by other forms of animal use.
  • We believe in Alliance Politics.
  • This is an untested approach. It is the first time an ECI has a realistic chance to succeed for a non human animal related issue. We want to see how it fares and to give it every chance of success. A vivisection ban is supported by a large portion of the public but yet a ban is prevented by powerful industries and interest groups. This ECI can take this public support to a level of government not experienced before.

How many people does the ECI need to sign?

1 Million, with a minimum of 7 EU countries meeting a minimum quota. Ireland’s quota is 9,000. Check how many have signed already and for more information on the ECI, visit

What happens then?

If the required number of signatures is collected, then the matter will go to the European Commission where the organisers of the ECI will be allowed to “explain in detail the matters raised by the citizens’ Initiative”. The organisers of the ECI will also be “given the opportunity to present the citizens’ initiative at a public hearing” at the European Parliament.
The European Commission will “within three months, set out in a communication its legal and political conclusions on the citizens’ initiative, the action it intends to take, if any, and its reasons for taking or not taking that action.”

What are the differences between a Citizens’ Initiative and a petition?

Petitions are addressed to the European Parliament and there are no formal requirements for a minimum number of signatures or proportionality of support across EU member states. The Citizens’ Initiative, on the other hand, enables citizens to call upon the Commission to put forward proposals for new legislation. It therefore represents a strong and innovative instrument for the participation of citizens in the development of European legislation.