Get the Supporter CardArrange for two or more vegan-friendly businesses to sign up to Vegan Ireland’s Supporter Card scheme, and Vegan Ireland will be happy to award you with a free 12-month Supporter Card which can be used to obtain discounts from a growing number of businesses selling vegan goods and services.

And, if you already have a Vegan Ireland Supporter Card which you have paid for, fear not! Arrange for two or more businesses to sign up to the scheme, and your next Supporter Card renewal will be free.

To be part of our scheme, businesses must offer a discount to Supporter Card holders on production of the card. Most businesses offer a flat 10% discount, but the scheme is flexible allowing, for example, the offer of a 10% discount on cash transactions, and 5% on card transactions.

If you speak to businesses that sell vegan goods and services, see Supporter Card for an up-to-date list of those already in the project and, if they are willing to be part of the Vegan Ireland Supporter Card scheme, please do one of the following:

  • Ask the business management, or the workers’ collective, etc., to email vegansireland[at] expressing their willingness to become part of the scheme – we will send them documentation as a result, such as a sample card and posters (don’t forget to email Vegan Ireland yourself alerting us to the fact that you’ve arranged for the business to contact us).
  • Ask the business to email veganisireland[at] to request further written details of the scheme (again, be sure to email VI yourself so that we’ll know you arranged the contact).

Explain to businesses that the advantages of them of signing up include Vegan Ireland promoting their business to the 3,300+ people who have “liked” our Facebook page, and to the almost 2,000 people on our electronic mailing lists. Vegan Ireland also publicises every new participant in the scheme on Facebook, mailing lists, and elsewhere.