There are loads of ways you can get active as a vegan.

Here are some ideas:


Below are some of the events we do. Do not forget to visit our website which is constantly updated and let us know if you want to come along to our events or to help out.

What about the animals we eat

Movie events and discussion

Vegan Ireland organise regular movie events. We have screened a series of interesting films and documentaries which look at different areas of veganism, such as “The emotional lives of farm animals”, “The Superior human” and “Home”.

Debates and talks

Vegan Ireland has organised debates, talks and appearances, such as “How to achieve animal liberation in a speciesist society” with Ronnie Lee, “The atheist debate”, “Veganism and Israel” with Sivan Pardo Rewick, “Dominic Berry”, etc.

Information stalls

We regularly hit the streets with our educational tables and stalls. We give out free literature and often free vegan food. Pop by to sell hello.

Book clubs

Every second Monday, we meet to discuss a range of books related to veganism. Send us an email to find out more. Check out our bookclub page.


Want to meet other vegans? Walks, restaurants, picnics and more. Join one of our meet-ups.


Mainstream media

Vegan Ireland makes regular appearances in the mainstream media speaking up for animals and veganism. Look out for us.

Youtube channel

Vegan Ireland have a range of videos on our YouTube channel. For links to our videos, see Vegan Ireland/YouTube.

Info packs

Would you or a friend like to learn more about veganism? Ask for one of our free information packs.

Join our mailing list

Contact us if you wish to subscribe to receive our fortnightly newsletter, among other news.

Our website

Our website is packed with information about veganism, animal rights and practical info about how to become a vegan.

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