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Co. Dublin, Ireland
28 June 2013

Vegan Ireland’s response to the news (see¬† that pigs are being treated brutally in Ireland is that, indeed, other animals are generally treated badly in deeply speciesist cultures, of which Ireland is one.

With such news, which focus on cruelty issues, Vegan Ireland are concerned to put into context cruelty stories in terms of general animal use, and emphasise the social culture in which it occurs.

In the latest news, the international animal welfare group, Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), have conducted investigations of animal use in several European countries. They say that they have found the “most horrific cruelty” to pigs in Ireland (

“Chances are that Irish pigs are treated “worse” than those in other countries. At the same time, our farmers are forever telling us that their welfare standards are the best in the whole world. Vegan Ireland say that whatever is the truth about animal welfare, where animals are used, you will find them being abused. These are animal rights violations,” said Vegan Ireland spokesperson Dr. Roger Yates.
“The main problem, as ever, is not in the details of what goes on in individual farms, it is the culture of society which approves of – and even celebrates – using animals for a wide variety of human uses,” he added.

Vegan Ireland believe that, as concerned members of the public, we must consider our own role in these cruelty stories. This is an issue of supply and demand. If the public continues to demand animal products, then they will be provided. For us, of course, the real solution is ethical veganism.

Note to editors:

“In 2010, there were more than 1.5 million pigs held on 1,209 farms, with an average of 1,254 pigs per farm.” (CSO Census of Agriculture 2010 – Final Results). “Pig farming continues to be an intensive activity carried out by a small number of specialised producers. In 2010, just 486 farms held more than 99% of the total number of pigs.”

3,608,000 pigs are recorded as “agricultural output” [read killed] in Ireland in 2012 (CSO – “The output of cattle, sheep and pigs includes estimates for cross-border trade in live animals.”)

The main form of animal use in Ireland is the use of birds. We kill about 85 million per year (mostly chickens).

Left pictures from CIWF (