Vegan Gifts

So what about Vegan presents? Below Vegan Ireland has put together a quick guide of places to pick up gifts. We’ve given recommendations on what to buy and also hints on finding gifts.


PresentsThis is always a good option. However find out first if the person you are buying for is someone who likes to read or cook if you are getting a cookbook. You will find a very large range of vegan cookbooks and animal rights books online with a Google search. See Vegan Ireland Library for some suggestions.

If you prefer buying from shops then most good bookshops will have a range of books or will be willing to order them in for you.

Do check out the books before buying however to avoid disappointment. Many websites and forums offer reviews.

A very handy book to buy for vegans is the English Vegan Society’s “Animal Free Shopper”. This is the most comprehensive guide to shopping for vegan products ever. It comes as a handy pocket-sized guide that is ideal for use when out shopping and it’s definitely the easiest way to get started on an animal-free lifestyle. See

Sanctuaries and Rescues

Hen and ChickensThis is a great gift and one that’s different.

There are a number of fantastic sanctuaries and rescues worldwide which are very worthy and which directly care for or rehome animals in need.

Sanctuaries like Eden Animal Farm Sanctuary and Back into Daylight  and Rescues like Dog Rescue are Irish based and will make great use of any donations. Eden also offer people the chance to sponsor a resident.

When researching organisations which you which to donate to make sure and ask them about their No-Kill policy.

Human Based Charities

TapThis is a great gift. There are a number of wonderful vegan charities which directly give aid to humans in regions suffering from poverty and malnutrition focusing on provisions for water and sustainable self supporting food projects.

These organisations do not use animals like many so called charities which are advertising in Ireland today.

Charities like VegFam and Plenty Foods are vegan organisations which make a real difference.

Vegan Cosmetics and Toiletries

Cosmetics and ToiletriesVegan Ireland has a list of cosmetics and toiletries. You will find most of these in Health Food Stores or the Health Stores should order them in for you if you ask.

If you like to buy face to face then businesses like Lush and EO Ireland  offers a large range of vegan options. Lush mark their vegan products with the Vegan Society Trademark and EO Ireland only stock vegan products.

All the above options are available to buy online. You will also find a good range online on websites like PlantGoodness24.

Food and Treats

TreatsReady-made meals and Snacks for Christmas can be bought in most Health Food Stores or they should order them in if you ask. Supermarkets like Tesco and Marks and Spencers also offer a range. See and

Again online website stores like PlantGoodness24 have a wide range. Vegan Store website also offer a range of treats here.

Made-to-order Vegan Cakes and Cupcakes:

Well what would Christmas be without them? You can bake your own of course but for a real treat order some from Petite Treats or Sugar Moon.

Shoes and Accessories

This may be more a gift for you than someone else. But if you know the shoe size and style of the person you are buying for then a pair of vegan shoes or a leather-free handbag, wallet or purse will always make a great gift.

Vegan Ireland has a long list of online suppliers of Shoes and Accessories.