This Wednesday, the movie Unity (See Trailer) will premiere in 8 cinemas across Ireland. As part of this we will arrange an informal Meet-Up at the Rathmines Screening with drinks after.

Would you like to arrange a Meet-Up at one of the screenings near you (Swords, Dundrum, and Rathmines in Dublin; Dungarvan, Waterford; Gorey, Wexford; Mahon, Cork; Belfast, Antrim; Craigavon, Armagh)? Contact and we’ll spread the word. See the full addresses of screening below.

1) Book your ticket online on by following the instructions. For Northern Ireland select the United Kingdom flag above the venue and times. Alternatively just show up on the night and hope there are seats left. This step applies for all screenings.

2) Watch the movie from 8.30-10pm (Different venues will have slightly different times).

3) Join Vegan Ireland for a drink and to chat about the movie afterwards in Toast Cafe Bar in Rathmines. (Full address below)

UNITY is a new film from the writer and director of EARTHLINGS, and features an unprecedented cast of 100 celebrity narrators. It is a documentary about why we can’t seem to get along with each other, even after thousands and thousands of years. UNITY will be released worldwide on August 12, 2015.

Seven years in the making, UNITY is a new documentary that explores humanity’s hopeful transformation from living-by-killing into living-by-loving. It is a unique film about compassion for all beings, or all “expressions of life”, going beyond all “separation based on form”, and beyond perceiving opposites. Writer/Director Shaun Monson, collaborating with an astounding cast of 100 celebrity narrators (never before gathered in the history of filmmaking), presents a message of love, tragedy and hope, all set against the backdrop of some of the most compelling 20th and 21st Century footage imaginable.

Presented in chapters, (like its predecessor EARTHLINGS) UNITY takes an in-depth look at what it truly means to be human, to be mortal, and to be incarnate in this world. The film explores our brief existence among the Cosmos (Chapter I), then moves on to the perceptions of our Mind (Chapter II), the nature of our Body (Chapter III), the infinite capacity of our Heart (Chapter IV), and ultimately to the mysterious energy of the Soul (Chapter V). Initially, these chapters will appear unrelated to each other. But as the film progresses it becomes clear that all life is interconnected, and each chapter represents the totality of our mortal experience, which is only measured in decades.

We have not yet seen this movie and will look forward to both viewing and discussing it after. See you there!!!!

Where: 1) Rathmines Omniplex, 210 Rathmines Rd Lower, Dublin 6. 2) Toast Cafe Bar, 196 Rathmines Rd Lower, Dublin 6
Time: 1) 8.30pm, 2) 10pm
When: 12th Aug, Wed
Price: €13
Contact: Vegan Ireland,,
Facebook page:
Unity Website:


- Odeon Belfast, No. 1 Victoria Square Unit 13SF, Belfast, BT1 4QG GB
- OMNIPARK Craigavon, Highfield Heights, Co. Armagh, Craigavon, BT64
- Movies@Swords Pavilions Shopping centre, Swords,, Co Dublin., IE
- Movies@Dundrum, Dundrum Town Centre, Dundrum,, Dublin, 16 IE
-Rathmines Omniplex, 210 Rathmines Rd Lower, Dublin 6, IE
- SGC Dungarvan High street, Dungarvan Co. Waterford, IE
- Movies@Gorey Courtown Road, Gorey Co. Wexford, IE
- Cork Omniplex, Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Mahon Link Road, Mahon, Co. Cork IE