Challenging the human belief that humans are superior to other life forms with the movie “The Superior Human?” and guest speaker Ronnie Lee. Vegan Ireland will present an event packed evening on Saturday 20th July in Exchange Dublin.

The night will kick off with the movie, “The Superior Human?” and will be followed by a talk and Q&A session with guest speaker and renowned animal liberation activist Ronnie Lee. Ronnie Lee’s talk is titled “How to achieve animal liberation in a speciesist society” and will incorporate the importance of vegan outreach in achieving animal liberation. And as if that’s not enough there will be a selection of vegan cakes to whet your appetite.

About The Superior Human?:

“Documentary which systematically challenges the common human belief that humans are superior to other life forms. The Superior Human reveals the absurdity of this belief while exploding human bias. The world is an amazing place. It is filled with billions of life forms of various sizes and shapes. According to some, the most amazing life forms on the planet must be humans.
They believe humans have revealed their astounding superiority over all other life forms with their many key traits and special abilities.
In this film, we will journey through a list of highly referenced points, sourced from a variety of individuals and resources, that support the supposed inherent superiority of humans.”

About Ronnie Lee:

“Ronnie Lee has been active in the animal protection movement for over 40 years. He is best known for being one of the founders of the Animal Liberation Front and in his younger days spent a total of nine years in prison for direct action against the industries of animal persecution. Since being released from his last prison sentence in 1992, he has been involved in various campaigns and educational efforts against animal abuse and now believes that a combination of vegan outreach and political campaigning is essential for the achievement of animal liberation.”