“Vegan Food is Everywhere” is a new interactive website. Whenever you find a vegan dish anywhere in the world you can now put it up on this new website. The website will then record the dish and the restaurant on a worldwide map. If you can, please take pictures of the dish also.

Because the website is brand new, there are not many places listed so far. This is particularly true for Ireland. So start adding, here is the website, www.veganfoodiseverywhere.com.

From “Vegan Food is Everywhere:”

We are building a website where all of the vegan dine-out food in the world shows up on a big, beautiful map. And we want you to be a part of it.

A long time ago in a city far, far away, we were sampling all of the delicious vegan foodstuffs and having a great time in general. We really wanted to be able to share gastronomic discoveries with our vegan friends, and for the benefit of the vegan-curious who lurk in the background. Great vegan food truly is everywhere. Somebody should put it on a map, or something. Not the restaurants themselves, but rather the individual, vegan dishes, especially at non-vegan restaurants where folks tend think that being vegan is impossible.

So we decided to make it our agenda. And after many, many hours of effort, a website was born! We hope you like it. We also hope you share it with your friends, and keep coming back. With your help, we are going to put veganism on the map. Literally.