Tofu is a soft or firm white block of coagulated soy milk. It is used in many Asian dishes. Unfortunately, tofu has the reputation of having a bland taste, so people new to it often make the mistake of eating it raw or cooked on its own. Definitely a BIG mistake (except for Taifun sausages and flavoured tofu)! The trick is to mix it with other veggies and sauces. It will take on the flavour that you add to it. Tofu stir-fry and tofu scramble are among the most popular dishes and for a good reason! Have you ever tried tofu scramble on a lazy Sunday morning? Tofu is also used as a filler for pies and cheesecakes for example.

Tofu is best stored in the fridge and covered with water. It will keep for longer if the water is changed daily. Tofu can be frozen too, and it will get an interesting spongy texture.

Health benefits:

Tofu is an excellent source of protein as half a cup serving of raw firm tofu (126g) contains 10.1 grams of protein. It is cholesterol- free and contains only 94 calories per 126g.
Firm tofu prepared with calcium sulphate is also an excellent source of calcium. Plus, tofu is a good source of iron, provided that you add vitamin C-rich foods to your meal*.

Many brands of tofu are made from organic and non-genetically modified soybeans.

Our 3 best brands of tofu (GMO free):

  • Taifun tofu, available at many health food stores. They come in different shape (sausages, fillets, terrine and blocks of tofu) and flavours (smoked, curry-mango, olives, tofu Rosso or basil). They are so tasty they can be eaten raw, straight from the pack! It is a bit pricy but the taste is fabulous.
  • Mori-noru, available at most health food stores and Asian supermarkets. They come in a small pack, blue for firm and pink for silken (creamy tofu). A pack costs around 2eur. They are perfect for stir-fries and creams.
  • Natural Green tofu, available at most Asian supermarkets (The organic version is available at most health food stores). It is probably the cheapest tofu you can find in Ireland, around 2.70eur for 1kg of tofu (non-organic). 

Other brands include Clearspring (available at most health food stores and some supermarkets) and Cauldron tofu, available at some supermarkets.

* Iron from plant foods contains phytate which binds minerals, making them less absorbable. By including vitaminC-rich and iron-rich foods in the same meal, you will improve mineral absorption while getting the health benefits of phytate.