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Co. Dublin, Ireland
22 July 2012

Do Martians know more about veganism than he does?

Vegan Ireland, the vegan society of Ireland, are tempted to ask what planet is Mattie McGrath living on. In a recent outburst in the Dail, and in the very week when NASA announced that astronauts on their Mars mission would be living on a vegan diet, Deputy Mattie McGrath asked whether we would have to become cannibals if we cannot kill and eat animals. He asked this ridiculous question during a speech on the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2012 on the 18th of July in which he appealed for reasoned debate.

“Deputy McGrath is in danger of sounding completely out-of-touch. He studied horticulture in Kildalton College so it is certain that he knows a good deal about the production of vegetables and fruit. What seems uncertain is whether he’s heard of vegans or vegetarians, the former of which eat a wholly plant-based diet,” said Dr. Roger Yates, Vegan Ireland press officer.

Vegan Ireland: the vegan society of Ireland invite Deputy McGrath to experience and enjoy vegan cuisine at our expense to prove to him, for once and for all, that no-one needs to become a cannibal if they cannot eat fishes or kill animals.

“Deputy McGrath states that one of his core principles is health. If he takes up Vegan Ireland’s invitation, we’d be happy to discuss the extensive research that suggests the health benefits of a plant-based diet and the health problems associated with meat and dairy consumption. However, as a general matter, the main reason for anyone to consider veganism is that it is the right thing to do ethically with regard to how we use and exploit other animals,” added Dr. Yates.

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* Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2012 [Seanad]: Second and Subsequent Stages.