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How and why did you go vegan?

A very good friend of mine told me that they wanted to go vegan, but she did not know anyone else who was vegan at the time. I told her that I had a vegan friend who I could introduce her to, and so we setup a meeting.

I was not vegan at the time, but after chatting to my vegan friend, I saw that everything I had thought about animals being our property was incorrect. I then watched the film ‘Earthlings’ and realised the amount of suffering & horror involved in producing my non-vegan food & products.

So I started eating a 100% plant based diet, and little by little I started to become an advocate for Animal Rights. I did this firstly by becoming a supporter of the AR group ‘Vegan Ireland’, and getting involved with their book-club, animal rights demonstrations & information table.
At first I was a little shy & unsure of how to answer people’s questions. But with time I became more confident, reminding myself that I was doing it for the animals, which helped me to become less self-conscious. I have met so many great people & vegan groups through the years, and now I no longer think of being vegan as different, but as a normal part of the world I live in today.