Ronnie Lee presented a talk titled “How to Achieve Animal Liberation in a Speciesist Society” as part of Vegan Ireland’s movie and talk night on the 20th July 2013. “Ronnie Lee has been active in the animal protection movement for over 40 years.

He is best known for being one of the founders of the Animal Liberation Front and in his younger days spent a total of nine years in prison for direct action against the industries of animal persecution. Since being released from his last prison sentence in 1992, he has been involved in various campaigns and educational efforts against animal abuse and now believes that a combination of vegan outreach and political campaigning is essential for the achievement of animal liberation.”

His talk focused on the common misconception of human supremacy, political campaigning, human behaviour, and the importance of active grassroots vegan education.

Please watch Ronnie’s talk*.

Vegan Ireland would like to thank Ronnie for his own vegan education and for giving his time so willingly. Ronnie has set up Encouraging Vegan Education (EVE).

They aim “to help establish a network across the world that encourages vegan education and outreach through vegan food fairs and other outreach events. We work together as a not for profit group to educate the general public about veganism and the ethical choices behind going vegan. We liaise with other groups and support the forming of local groups to run their own events with our support and then share skills so that group can grow.”

To find out more about EVE click on their facebook page.

Ronnie spoke of the importance of vegan activism. If you want to get active for animals, send an email to Vegan Ireland at

* Unfortunately the Q&A which followed ran into technical difficulties.