How and why did you go vegan?

Saw Earthling and didn’t want to be a part of this. By the end of the film I was vegan.
I was a vegetarian, had an idea that probably veganism is better and was thinking about it for a long time, but it was a bit abstract cause I didn’t know too much. “Earthling” put everything in place and I couldn’t look at animal products afterwards.I had no idea about vegan nutrition, but once you make the decision, veganism is so easy. I didn’t have any problems about it with anyone though obviously had to go through the mandatory ‘where do you get your protein’ and other questions. Thankfully, once you see Gary‘s lecture all these questions are easy to answer. I knew at the time one vegan, but quickly met tons online. Some became offline friends. Unexpectedly, it seriously extended my friends circle.

In relation to the last question, what do you think Israel did that we could apply here in Ireland? Was Israel sympathetic to nonhuman animals for a start or do you think the success rate is mostly due to Gary Yourofsky?

A big part is due to Gary’s lecture and a very strong of dedicated people who got his lecture noticed.
Ori Shavit who after seeing Gary’s lecture changed her career from writing in leading food magazine to a strong charming and communicative animal advocate.
The wonderful 269 which later split later to ALF-Israel (bad choice of name IMO, but doing a lot of great activities).
The animal “anonymous” organisation (nothing to do with the hackers) took a lot of hidden footage in slaughterhouses and farms and this footage was broadcasted in prime time TV.
Gary’s lecture was also broadcasted on prime time TV after it got around a million views on youtube.
Main stream TV also talked about and criticized the milk industry and advertising campaigns.
Israeli diet always had a lot of vegan food in it. Most common fast food, hummus and falafel are vegan. Israelis eat salads with everything.
Dr Greger’s lecture also became widespread.

How do you cope / thrive in a non-vegan world?

The only problem with being vegan is finding out that people who you really love can be heartless and finding out that people who you really value as intelligent have logic blackouts when it comes to their taste buds and are capable of the most idiotic arguments. Thanks to veganism I met many awesome people who enriched my life a lot.

Do you think the future will be vegan?

Latest survey in Israel shows 13% don’t eat meat and another 13% considering stopping to eat meat this year. In Israel alone there are hundreds of restaurants with vegan options and many dedicated vegan only restaurants. Revolutions have started with much smaller percentages than this. However… I don’t have much faith in humanity and think that the majority will never go vegan even though the future of their offsprings depends on this. I seriously hope I am wrong.

If humans do not change, what consequences will we have to face? OR do you think there will be no consequences at all for humans and the world will continue its course?

Without sounding too dramatic, it is bringing the end of the World. There is already global warming and the main reason for it according to U.N. report is the meat and dairy industries. This same U.N ate veal and tuna in one of their recent meetings. I’d expect parents to be the main vegan activists since MAD (meat and dairy) diet is destroying the planet for their kids, but it seems like the denial is so big about it people rather have a steak than start coping with reality.