by Mikey


So winter is here and you wanna get motivated to get into fitness and working out. I mean it is quite hard to get motivated when you go to work when it’s dark and you come home when it’s dark, all you want to do is put your feet up after you work hard all day. Your heart needs to work too and what better way than on a vegan diet and a good 40 min workout. Now I hear you saying 40 mins that’s crazy but we spend up to 3 hours in the afternoon watching tv so all you need to do is to dedicate your time to some exercice (of course it’s a bit harder for people with kids but just get them involved too, gets them away from the t.v haha).

All you need to do is a brisk 20 min jog or if you want to work your way up to jogging start off doing a short distance then as you find yourself getting more fit and seeing results you just go for longer distances. It can help if you are starting off to go with a partner for a bit extra motivation , also I find the trick to keeping motivated is to look at it as fun and not just a job to do in the evening or afternoon. You have your body for life so you may as well look after it so the more training you do, the better it is for your mind ,body and soul.

I have been vegan for 8 years and have been looking after my fitness since i could kick a football haha. I mean i view excercise as fun because when you are doing it you know your body is loving it and you just want to know how far you can push your body (especially when you are starting to feel better and seeing results).Since being vegan i have started to look more at what i put into my body to get the best out of it . I have just started in the past year to look more at bodybuliding and lifting weights and of course it all depends on what you want to get out of it, for me i don’t want to look like Arnie but just to get a lean look and more strength . The best way for more strength training for me is using your own body weight eg. pushups, pull ups, back arm dips and of course sit ups.

There are so many vegan athletes out there and alot of long distance runners are actually vegan .The list is massive, Just to name a few:

  • Kenneth G Williams: bodybuilder.
  • Jake Shields: mixed martial arts fighter.
  • Robert Cheeke:bodybuilder.
  • Scott Jurek: long distance runner, etc.

Here are a few good websites to see what food they eat and just to see their and


Now to get to the good part what do i eat, haha…
In the morning i have porridge with sesame seeds, sunflowers seeds and pumpkinseeds topped off with a sliced banana.
For lunch i have a good source of protein, either lentils or T.V.P (texurised vegetable protien) with lots of assorted veggies.
For dinner a good stirfry with satay sauce or a sweet chilli sauce with soya sauce and seeds again.
During the day i do snack on nuts or seeds , i do have a protein shake too which has 40 grams of protein in it … It’s always good to shop around for the powders. Here’s a good one:

Once again it all depends on what results you want to get from finess training or weightlifting. So to keep your motivation up set goals and remember you are doing this for the animals , planet and of course your health .
We need to get pass the whole stupid “stereotype” of weak vegans and do it for the billions of animals killed each year.