Video screening of Gary Yourofsky Speech and Talk by Israeli activist Sivan Renwick. Cafe area will serve tea and vegan snacks. Join Sivan Pardo Renwick from “The Vegan Woman”, for her presentation and Q&A session on “Veganism and Israel”. Her talk will outline the sharp rise in people becoming vegan in Israel in the last few years, why this has happened and her views on where it will go.

Many people think a large portion of this rise is due to one video aired on mainstream TV in Israel. This video was a charismatic talk by Gary Yourofsky on animal use and veganism and will be screened by Vegan Ireland on the night.

The result of this has seen other areas of life connected with veganism change too such as more activism for other animals, more vegan groups, more people following a vegan diet, more food outlets only offering food suitable for vegans or offering more range, more mainstream media, and more legislative bills focusing on animals and diets.

About Sivan Pardo Renwick:
“Sivan Pardo Renwick is an animal rights activist and the founder and director of The “Vegan Woman”, a successful online community dedicated to the vegan lifestyle and the promotion of veganism.
She is involved with several initiatives and entrepreneurial projects within the Israeli vegan community, as well as leading workshops dedicated to people interested in making the transition to veganism and plant based diets.
Her latest project is Vegan Zone, a Hebrew content website dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, and aimed at the rapidly growing Israeli vegan community.”

About Gary Yourofsky’s Speech:

Recorded in 2010 in Georgia Tech, the video aired in Israel in April 2011. It has been translated into over 30 languages and watched over 6 million times on Youtube.

The talk is set in a lecture theatre with Gary Yourofsky addressing the audience is a matter of fact, straight to the point charismatic way as he explores many areas of veganism and animal use.

Details of Event:

  • Where: Exchange Dublin, Exchange Street Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
  • When: Sunday 22nd Sept.
  • Time: 7pm.
  • Price: 5eur.
  • Contact: