“Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections On The Liberation Of Animals” is the book the Book Club is currently discussing. Next date: Monday 26th January in Cornucopia, 6.30pm. The book is available at the book club or to order online. We will cover pages We will cover the full section of “Liberation”.

  • Aquinas’s Account of Anger Applied to the ALF – Judith Barad PhD.
  • Direct Action Speaks Louder Than Words – Rod Coronado.
  • Touch The Earth – Lawrence Sampson
  • Take No Prisoners – Western Wildlife Unit

Where: Cornucopia (upstairs), 19/20/Wicklow St, Dublin 2.
Time: 6.30-8.30pm.
When: Monday 26th January.
Price: Free (Obtaining a copy of the book is essential).
Contact: vegansireland@gmail.com.

“The first anthology of writings on the history, ethics, politics and tactics of the Animal Liberation Front, Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? features both academic and activist perspectives and offers powerful insights into this international organization and its position within the animal rights movement. Calling on sources as venerable as Thomas Aquinas and as current as the Patriot Act—and, in some cases, personal experience—the contributors explore the history of civil disobedience and sabotage, and examine the philosophical and cultural meanings of words like “terrorism,” “democracy” and “freedom,” in a book that ultimately challenges the values and assumptions that pervade our culture. Contributors include Robin Webb, Rod Coronado, Ingrid Newkirk, Paul Watson, Karen Davis, Bruce Friedrich, Patrice Jones and others.”

Every fortnight for 6 meetings from the 2nd November the Book-Club will meet to discuss part of Terrorist Or Freedom Fighters?. Participants will have read a selected part prior to each meeting.
Everyone will have an opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the book. Further discussion is available on the Book Club’s online Facebook forum.

A Book-Club is where a group of people get together to discuss a book; express their opinions and ask questions.

Picture above: ALF liberates 5 beagles from Green Hill breeding facility. See more pictures.