Do you have questions about nutrition? Would you like to refer to experts in vegan nutrition? Or do you just fancy a chance to chat about vegan nutrition? Vegan Ireland is hosting our first book-club with “Vegan for Life” by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina.

We will be working with a group of experts in the field of nutrition which include the book’s co-author Jack Norris RD (, Virginia Messina MPH (, Stephen Walsh PhD and Dr. Michael Greger (

A Book-Club is where a group of people get together to discuss a book; express their opinions and ask questions. If any questions aren’t answered on the night then Vegan Ireland members will first research the issues raised and then refer any outstanding questions to the experts.

To join the book club it is essential to book due to limited places. Contact us to reserve a spot.

Vegan For Life is one of the easiest to read and informative books on vegan nutrition.
“In this comprehensive guide to plant-based nutrition, registered dietitians and long-time vegans Jack Norris and Virginia Messina answer all the key questions and debunk some of the most persistent myths about going vegan. It’s the definitive guide for aspiring and veteran vegans alike – or for those who are just thinking about taking a few steps toward more plant-based diets”.

How does it work?

Every fortnight for 6 meetings from the 24th of April, the book-club will meet to discuss 2-3 chapters of Vegan for Life. (Which participants will have read prior to the date.) Everyone will have an opportunity to give their opinions and ask questions about these chapters.

As noted above any questions which are unanswered are sent to the experts in vegan nutrition. Answers are distributed at the start of the following book-club meeting.

It is essential that everyone participating obtain a copy of Vegan for Life. Vegan Ireland will sell copies at the Book-Club. Alternatively, copies are available online.

  • Book: Vegan for Life (See list of Chapters).
  • Where: The Long Stone, 10 Townsend St, Dublin 2 (See map.)
  • Time: 6-8pm.
  • When: Starting 24th April, Tuesday (24th April, 8th May, 22nd May, 5th June, 19th June, 3rd July).
  • Price: Free (Obtaining a copy of the book is essential)