Something a little different for this Book Club meeting. For one meeting, we will read the vegan comic strips of Vegan SideKick; The idea comes from one Book Cluber Jason, who will also moderate.

***Important. Please follow the instructions below if attending this Book Club***

Unlike previous Book Clubs where the reading list is set, this will require attendees to select their favourite 5 comic strips. Just follow the instructions below.

1) Go to
2) Select “Images” from the tabs.
3) Select a category (Each attendee should pick a different category).
4) Select 5 comic strips.
5) State which category and comic strips you have chosen in the comments section on this event page by Thurs 6th Midnight.
6) “Prepare a reply to the scenario depicted in each comic strip selected. eg “state how if that comment was said to you, how would you deal with it, what would you say”
To imagine how the dialog might go,, what the return comments might be, and how they would react again. In essence forming a hypothetical script.
The aim of this, is the become more comfortable with these kinds of scenarios, so that, when you have your opportunity to influence someone, you will be in a better position to do so.
In a general sense, people only step ahead in life because they have previously prepared themselves, so when an opportunity comes along, they are ready to turn it around in their favour.

‘Vegan Sidekick has taken the internet by storm. With his hilarious, crudely honest and perfectly shareable comics, Richard AKA Vegan Sidekick has carved out a niche for himself in the world of animal activism.”

“The point of the page is to expose the absurdity of supporting and defending animal abuse, in a new way which is funny. Many other attempts at animal rights activism are very stern, and rightly so, since animal abuse is a very serious subject. But, I wanted to take this approach because I feel that everybody will react differently, and require a different approach to get them to understand the issue. So the straight forward approach may work for a great many people, but others might be switching off because of either graphic images, or “walls of text”. My images might reach those people, with simple ideas, expressed in humourous ways which should challenge them.”

Where: Cornucopia (upstairs), 19/20 Wicklow St, Dublin 2.
Time: 6.30-8.30pm.
When: 10th August
Price: Free

The Book-Club will meet to discuss a selection of comic strips which you will help choose from Vegan Sidekicks. Each person will then give their own response to the scenario set out in the comic strips they chose which will lead to further discussion within the Book Club.
Further discussion is available on the Book Club’s Facebook Group Page.

A Book-Club is where a group of people get together to discuss a book; express their opinions and ask questions.