Due to the increase in the number of people interested in veganism, we have over the last year distributed a huge amount of info packs and have (happily) run of out booklets. As they cost a lot of money to print and post, we are currently in the process of fundraising for our next large print order. Our new booklets will not be available until the begining of September 2016 (just on time for the next fabulous Dublin Veg-Fest), so in the meantime, we would like to direct you to the information we have on this website.

If in September 2016 you would like a version of our postal information pack simply email vegansireland@gmail.com and we’ll post you one out.

Living Vegan

It is very easy to live vegan, although a bit of preparation is needed. The most challenging part of going vegan might be the social aspect, as you might not have the support of your family and friends.

Within this article, you should find a list of recommended links on how to live vegan (see below), links to 3 Kickstarter courses online, and finally an attachment on Why Vegan.

Recommended Links

Why Vegan:
You can download this pdf on Why Vegan.

There are plenty of websites dedicated to vegan recipes. Here is an overview of some of the most famous websites, but there are many more!

The best way to make a smooth transition to a vegan diet is to replace animal-based products by vegan ones.
See our Vegan Food guide for more information.

You will learn how to:

Kickstarter courses
We also recommend the following Kickstarter courses which will send you daily emails with tips and advice.
21 Day Vegan Kickstarter,
30 Vegan Easy Challenge,
The 30 Day Vegan Challenge.

Social Media
Vegan Facebook groups are great for connecting with other vegans or people new to veganism. They are also great for getting updates on new products suitable for vegans or simply for asking questions related to veganism.
Check out our page that lists vegan facebook groups.