You might have noticed a new type of vegan cheese in some health food stores. Indeed, Violife vegan cheese was launched in Irish Health food stores early this year.

Violife is the product from Viotros, a Greek company that produces a wide range of vegan cheese.
Their coconut oil based range of cheese is suitable for vegans, is gluten-free, soy-free, palm oil-free and GMO-free. It also is registered with the Vegan Society and carries the VS logo on its packaging.

Violife cheese comes in blocks (200g), slices (200g) and creamy spreads (200g).
The blocks can easily be shredded using a grater, cubed or sliced. Slices are ready to be used as they are are a great addition to burgers, sandwiches, oatcakes or rice cakes.

When it comes to vegan cheese, we all ask the same question: “Does it melt well?” Well since their appearance in our health food stores, we, at Vegan Ireland, have devoured several blocks and slices and not only do they melt surprisingly well but also quite rapidly, whether in the saucepan, the grill or the oven.
We’ve used the blocks in different ways, and none of them have disappointed us. Cheddar flavoured cubes (the orange block) were added to salads, blocks were grated and melted on lasagne dishes, casseroles and pizzas, piles of sandwiches were made using different flavoured sliced cheese.

The taste and smell of Violife cheese – block and slices- are quite delicate and subtle. The texture is firm but becomes smooth in the mouth when eaten straight from the pack. Actually, beware of opening the packaging on your way home, you might have nothing left by the time you arrive.
The company distributing Violife in Ireland is Art of Zen foods. If you want your local health food store to stock it, please contact them (Website | Facebook page).
Violife is also available online with