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Co. Dublin, Ireland
18 February 2013

Vegan Ireland: the Vegan Society of Ireland, in association with the Alliance for Animal Rights (AFAR), is opposed the resumption of the live export trade from Ireland to Libya.

AFAR and Vegan Ireland members and supporters will gather at the port in Waterford (the port road – N29, off the Luffany roundabout) for a candle-lit vigil at 7pm Tuesday 19th Feb 2013 in solidarity with the new victims of this renewed business.

Exporters have begun assembling 2,900 cattle for the first live export vessel in 16 years destined for Libya on Wednesday (20th Feb 2013). The Al Mahmoud Express, a massive “livestock transporter”, will have bulls loaded from Monday at Waterford port to be taken to their deaths in Tripoli. The sea journey will take 10 days.

“Vegan Ireland is a rights-based group opposed to all animal use. Vegan Ireland is working in association with the Alliance for Animal Rights (AFAR) in opposition to live exports as a form of animal use. We say that all exploitation of other animals is a rights violation, so we are not suggesting that this form of use is “worse” than if the animals were killed in Ireland. We are also not suggesting that halal slaughter is necessarily “worse” than what goes on routinely in Irish slaughterhouses. When consumers take a piece of “meat” from their supermarket shelf, or obtain it from any butcher’s shop, they are buying a product of suffering and oppression. We are also not suggesting that “meat” products are “worse” than dairy products, or other animal products..

However, there are important animal welfare elements to this resumption in live exports from Ireland.

  • Other animals will be taken to Waterford from all parts of Ireland, increasing the amount of travelling they endure.
  • The sea journey alone takes 10 days.
  • “It takes a long time to load and unload the massive “livestock” transporter, adding to time spent on the ship or waiting in a loading area”, said Vegan Ireland spokesperson, Dr. Roger Yates.


“If people are going to think twice about the horses in burgers, I hope they’ll begin to think once about the cows and all the other animals used by humans,” said Vegan Ireland press officer, Dr. Roger Yates.

For interviews on a vegan animal rights perspective on horse burgers, please contact Roger Yates on 086 100 6763 | 083 391 2018.