Animals used in Clothes


AnimalsMillions of animals are exploited so we can wear parts of their bodies, such as fur, wool, feathers, skin (leather) or so we can use the product of their labour (silk).

Whether it is the fur industry, the leather industry, or the wool, silk, down, feathers industries, all of them are based on the oppression of nonhuman animals, on the violation of their basic rights, and on the belief that their lives have little value, except a price tag. These industries will imprison, mutilate, torture and murder nonhumans every single day so we can use what belongs to them.

What you can do

Nowadays, it is very easy to avoid these products as there are many materials suitable for vegans. Non-leather shoes, belts and bags can be bought on internet websites specializing in vegan footwear. Shops also carry a good range of shoes which are not made of leather. Just look out for the diamond symbol in the label, or phrases like, “all man made,” which means that it is non-leather material.

Make sure the jacket, sleeping bag, pillow, duvet you are buying does not contain “down”, which are the soft feathers of ducks and geese. Again, vegan options can be bought in stores easily and online.

When buying clothes, check out that they are not made of wool. Warm and fashionable clothes made from cotton, fleece, acrylic, hemp, linen, microfibre and other materials are readily available. For cold winters, acrylic not only looks very similar to wool but is as warm.

Rayon and nylon are great materials to be used rather than silk, which is the shiny fibre that worms will produce to make cocoons.