Animals used in Vivisection


VivisectionAnimals used in the name of science are also used for humans’ interests. Vivisectors claim that we can “learn” from nonhuman animals. By “learning”, they mean use, torture and murder millions of sentient beings.

Nonhumans will be caged, mutilated, poisoned, tortured, burned, and killed in the name of a fraudulent science based on rights violations (human and nonhuman). Vivisection is a human rights violation since side effects of drugs are one of the main causes of mortality worldwide.

Vegans want a modern science that is based on respect and ethics and that advances the wellbeing of all sentient beings through modern technology, a modern science that will not condemn some to try and save others.

Cosmetics, personal care products and household products from many mainstream companies also have been tested on animals.

See our Shopping Guide on personal care, cosmetics and household products.


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