Schivelbeiner StraBe, Berlin is the world’s most Vegan Avenue. Berlin is quickly rising to lay claim to become the vegan friendly capital of Europe. The avenue is home to Veganz Grocery Store, Avesu shoe store, Dear Goods clothes store, a Sunday vegan buffet brunch room (where they also give cooking lectures) and to Goodies Cafe.

There are at least two more vegan businesses about to open soon, an Italian restaurant and another shoe store. It makes a block of buildings which are all vegan (Goodies is only vegan here)

See the interview with Jan Bredack, the CEO and Founder of Veganz here where he gives a tour of Veganz and of the avenue of stores to Happy Veganz have 4 completely vegan stores open and will have 20 opened around Europe by the end of 2015

View the list of vegan restaurants and businesses in Belin: